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6 Responses to CONTACT

  1. hy! remember my i was chef of pats cafe how are you pat i am mexico i have restaurant mexican and italian french food, well i say thanks for evreating for you help wen ineed job say hi to luzmilia en evrity body

    • patscafesf says:

      Antonio – just read your blog – CONGRATULATIONS on having your own restaurant. You must tell me where it is and how it is doing!!!!
      Things are going here as usual – I am looking for a night cook again – are you interested!!!!!!!!

  2. My wife has indicated that she’d like as a birthday present, a replacement for the Pat’s Cafe coffee mug she accidently dropped and broke recently. It was a mug that we bought upon a trip to San Fran where we happened by Pat’s Cafe and had a wonderful breakfast and chat with the staff. Are you setup to sell and ship this item?

    Rick Anderson
    Lenexa, KS

    • patscafesf says:

      Just read your request for a replacement mug. Yes I can mail youjone – the only thing is the postage is fairly expensive – let me know if you are still interested. the black and white mug is 6.95 plus tax – the red white & blue and the big tea cups are 7.95 each – let me know if you are still interested.

      I am sorry for the late response – this computer “stuff” is a real challenge for me.


  3. Brenda Rich says:

    Pat’s Cafe was my Sailors first stop for Fleet Week and you were all very wonderful to him. It made him feel great and proud. Thank you!
    Very truly yours,

    Brenda Rich

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